Monday, May 2, 2011

Record Bowls for The Children's Museum of Memphis' Flashback Party!

This Thursday, May 5th, The Children’s Museum of Memphis is hosting the Flashback Party fundraiser. It’s a casual party for our grandparents and empty nesters, and an invitation for them to re-discover The Children’s Museum of Memphis. While the party focuses on our Baby Boomers, everyone is welcome to come and have fun. We’ll have a DJ spinning the best of ‘60s and ‘70s music and Café’ Society and Central BBQ will provide amazing hors d’oeuvres! We’ll also have wine and a selection of beers from Boscos!

Click here for our official invitation!
For more info go to CMOM's website

If you come, you may notice some awesome looking center pieces. I say they’re awesome ‘cause I made them. The programs dept. was tasked with making some inexpensive themed center pieces. So we went to our local Goodwill store and snatched up a bunch of old records.

We made these cute record bowls. It’s very easy and fun to do. It can definitely be an at home family activity…possibly done on one of our Memphis rainy days!

First get a cookie sheet, large bowl, and records. Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees f.

Place the bowl up-side-down on the cookie sheet and the record on top of the inverted bowl. Keep an eye on the project. It should only take about 10 minutes or less in the oven to make the record pliable. The record will naturally take the shape of the bowl. Once it has, you can take the record out of the oven. Of course it will be hot, but will usually set in about 15 seconds.

We’ve seen these bowls go for 10-30 dollars online and at shops. All in all each bowl cost us about 1.50! Great deal and a fun family project. Win-Win-Win!