Thursday, December 29, 2011

Staff Profile: Mike Garries

Name: Mike Garries
Position: Maintenance Technician
Hometown: Memphis, TN
How long have you been at CMOM: 5 years
Favorite exhibit: International Paper Treehouse
Favorite book as a child: The Nancy Drew series. Mysteries intrigue me, and I like figuring things out.
First museum ever visited? The Ramses exhibit at the Cook Convention Center
Hobbies: Drawing, painting, playing video games, Parkour/free running
Fun Fact: I was a Boy Scout until I was 14 and achieved the rank of First Class Scout.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Each year schools declare a holiday for students and businesses close in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King and his stand for peace and equality for all people. This year will make 25 years since the first official celebration of the King Holiday which was first observed in 1986 in New Hampshire. King's fight for justice was a fight which also included justice for all children.

So how do children today relate to the concept of equality and unity 44 years after King's death? The Children's Museum of Memphis would like to present the Dear Dr. King - Kid' s Dream project to allow children the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas of peace, unity and equality. Children of all ages are asked to write letters to Dr. King, draw pictures, and record videos to express their visions and dreams of what peace and unity looks like today through the eyes of a child.

At least 100 entries will be displayed in the Dear Dr. King - Kid's Dream exhibition at The Children's Museum during the Ignite the Dream Celebration on January 16, 2012. The public is invited to attend. Each participant will receive an official Keeper of the Dream Award which will be presented during an invitation only award ceremony at a later date.

Letters may be mailed to CMOM or dropped off at the admissions desk. All entries must be received by the close of business on January 6, 2012.

Please mail letters to :
The Children's Museum of Memphis
Attn: Programs Department
2525 Central Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104

For more information, please call 901-458-2678, ext. 221, or visit CMOM.COM.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Staff Profile: Ivy Taylor

Name: Ivy Taylor
Position: Visitor Services Coordinator
Hometown: Memphis, TN
How long have you been at CMOM: 16 and a half years
Favorite exhibit: Sir-Dance-A-Lot
Favorite book as a child: The Cat in the Hat
First museum ever visited? The Pink Palace
Hobbies: Sewing, cooking, reading, and getting to know new people
Fun Fact: In October, I dressed up as a pirate for CMOM's Halloween event!

P.S. Ivy is often the first face guests see when they enter the doors of the Children's Museum. Her sense of humor is contagious!