Monday, November 26, 2012

25 Things to do at CMOM

New hula hoops!
 Once again, here are 25 things to do at our musuem!

1. Play checkers on our giant checkerboard
2. Check out the splash park construction (it's opening May 2013!)
3. Have a hula hoop contest with our new hula hoops
4. Take a picture at the new Pinwall
5. See how high you can climb on the climbing wall
6. Climb through the house at The Campground
7. Measure your height and weight in Growing Healthy
8. Arrange and rearrange the organs of the Growing Healthy doll (it’s a little tricky)
9. Build a skyscraper in Creative Construction
10. Play with the new and improved flight simulator
11. Visit the Village Toymaker gift shop
12. See the circulatory system in action in Growing Healthy
13. Check out the giant thermometer in Growing Healthy
14. Grab a partner and play with the musical see-saw
15. Come to Mini Maestro (December 5, 8, 12, and 19)
16. Experience Nature Art Walk (Dec. 1, 15, and 22)
17. See what you can win in Bozo’s Grand Prize Game (Dec. 13 and 16)
18. Join in all the Reindeer games (Dec. 2 and 20)
19. Check out our new 10 Mississippi River facts sign and learn fun facts about the river
20. Check out the quarter of the Northern Mariana Islands (did you know they have one?)
21. Look out for a fun science project on our Mobile Mad Science cart!
22. Make Alex juggle bean bags
23. Play the matching game in Windows to the World
24. Identify the nursery rhymes in the Once Upon a Time quilt
25. Have a toddler basketball challenge in Playscape