Friday, May 9, 2008

Meet the CMOM Program Staff!!! (oh, & Education)

Hey All!

So, CMOM's Art Smart Studio became a tad more colorful today! We've just added a staff wall. I cut out all the circles myself! Ok, a machine kinda helped me! It was something that I was inspired to do while at the Association of Children's Museum's conference in Denver.

BTW, the ACM conference was GREAT! Emily, the Education Manager, and myself learned a whole slew of new things. It really re-energized us!!! The momentum that we brought back will keep going and going until...well we don't have an end date just yet. Check back later!

Anywho, next time you're at the Museum, come by Art Smart and see our Staff Wall. Who knows, you just might learn a little something about us! I sure did! I never knew Josh (or J-Rock as he is known around here) was clumsy. Ok, I kinda knew that. :) Here are our dossier's.

And that's it for this Friday. Come visit us this weekend. Here's the low down on what's happening here this Saturday:
11am Bloomin' Art
12 noon R&R Storytime
1pm Kid Karaoke
3:30pm Home Grown Science: Slime and Ooze!
Hope to see ya!
Oh and I almost for got my useless triva for this post. It'll be brief. Here goes: The dot over the letter "i" is called a tittle. Now you know
Have a great weekend!