Thursday, August 26, 2010

25 Things

Since our address is 2525 Central, we thought of 25 things to do at CMOM!

1. Play dress up at the Little Orpheum Theatre.
2. Sing karaoke.
3. Be a pilot in our Going Places Exhibit
4. Learn how to make a paper airplane in the Tree House.
5. Have a hula-hoop contest.
6. Shop for groceries.
7. Learn about different countries during Around the World Wednesday.
8. Curl up on a beanbag chair with a good book in the Bookatarium.
9. "Arrest" your parents and put them in the back of the police car.
10. Be a fireman or firewoman.
11. Give a weather report at CMOM-TV.
12. Star in a music video.
13. Learn about the Mississippi River at WaterWORKS.
14. Sing along with Hootin' Andy and learn about train safety.
15. Brush Pearl E. White's teeth.
16. Write a check in the bank.
17. Be a Memphis Tigers football player.
18. "Drive" a minivan in the AutoZone Garage.
19. Help build a house at Your House, My House.
20. Shoot hoops in Playscape Park.
21. Get lost while climbing up the Skyscraper.
22. Show off your dancing skills in Sir Dance-A-Lot.
23. Create a masterpiece in the Art Smart Studio.
24. Play the Hum Drum.
25. Check your blood pressure.


Anonymous said...

Great List, love Lena.