Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"It's so hard to say goodbye."

Greetings everyone! I finished up my amazing internship on Saturday, but I wanted to put one more blog post up before I moved on to the next chapter of my life, which is student teaching and then graduation in December!

I just wanted to say what a blast I had working at CMOM this summer. I got a chance to met all the great staff members and a lot of great children and parents while I was there. Thanks to everyone who helped make my internship a terrific experience! This summer I learned a lot! Especially about making toys, about circuits, international currency, and how to do fun science experiments. I even learned about several different musical instruments each Saturday through the Memphis Youth Symphony's program, Music Makers. My favorite ones where the bassoon and the harp. You've got to go to CMOM on Saturdays at 12 and 12:30, so you can learn about instruments too.

So, before I say goodbye, I would like to wish all of you the best of luck for this school year. Children: think can be a lot of fun. Parents: keep supporting your children because it makes a difference! I would also like to leave you with a few tips for the school year:

  • Interact with your children and ask what they are doing in school. Help them with their homework and do a fun activity when their finished.
  • Let them help with the grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking. It gives you a chance to spend time together and it can be a lot of fun!
  • Encourage children to find the place that they belong, whether it is dancing, sports, gymnastics, drama, art, chess, or band, it's important for them to get involved in something that they like to do and to find a place to make friends, especially if they are home schooled.
  • I know things will get busy with football and dance practice, piano and swimming lessons, etc..., but I think it is extremely important to have at least one family night a week at home where things can slow down and you can eat together, talk together, and maybe even do a craft or play a game together.
  • On holidays and weekends, take them to CMOM!!!!!!!! Then you can spend time with them, interact with them, and help them learn things (and the great part is...they don't even know they are learning, they just think they are having fun!).

Well, I guess that's it for me. I'm going to miss posting every week and running programs in the museum, but I know I am leaving you in the capable hands of the other members of the program department. I know they'll take good care of you. :) I hope you and your family have an excellent school year and maybe I'll see you back at CMOM one day. Take care!