Wednesday, June 25, 2008

15 minutes

Alright, so I've got 15 minutes till it's time to go home, why not spend the last 15 talking to you?

The Curious George Exhibit is, like me, AMAZING! It is so much fun. I'm often caught playing over there. Here's a pic of me and George. He's such a pal.

Things have been going great here at CMOM. This morning I came up with a brand-spankin'-new Pint Sized Science. It is great! We still get to play with my favorite non-newtonian matter, but this time we make worms. When it's finished it actually looks like a polymer, except magnified-a lot!

July is coming up! There's this great Holiday in July. It has fireworks and picnics and birthday cakes. That's right, it's MY Birthday!!! Oh and I think it's America's Birthday too. :) I've always loved that my birthday was only 4 days after America's! I secretly preteneded the fireworks were just early! If you're around on July the 8th, come sing to me! It would be the best present. Woo hoo! I just get so excited talking about my birthday. Hey, did you know my birthday is coming up? Well it is!

Also in July we have our Teddy Bear Picnic. It's going to be great. No real food...but real teddy bears. Bring your own, dress it up, and have a pretend picnic with everyone else!

Well look at that, it's almost time to go...time sure flies!

See ya!


EDIT: Here's a pic of J-Rock with our favorite monkey!